Y2K News Y2K Aviation LLC announces its Bombardier Global Express Aircraft is available for worldwide charter


Aircraft owners have the opportunity to offset their operating expenses and potentially gain tax benefits by offering their aircraft for charter through a partnership with Y2K Aviation. Y2K Aviation’s 135 operational status enables us to seamlessly prepare, promote and operate your aircraft for charter, at any level you choose.

The Charter Management Program

Y2K Aviation’s Charter Management program offers aircraft owners and operators the opportunity to partner with Y2K Aviation to promote and operate their aircraft for charter service. Charter Management clients receive the income and tax benefits of charter, as well as the operating discounts Y2K delivers. Our expert personnel prepare your aircraft and train your crew to our 135 operational standards, exceeding those mandated by the FAA, to ensure a safe, effective and efficient charter operation. Finally, we market your aircraft to our select group of charter clientele.

For more information, please contact:
Larry B. Edeal
Chief Operating Officer and Director of Operations
Office: (503) 640.9518
Mobile: (650) 868.8211

All flights are operated by Y2K Aviation, LLC Certificate #YKKA147M operating in full compliance with all FAA safety standards and requirements as well as additional safety standards established by Y2K Aviation.

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For information please contact:

Larry B. Edeal
Chief Operations Officer
(650) 868.8211